Illegal Aliens 

Currently within range of the Pheonix TV stations, we watched the first Trump deportation take down live.  The coverage seemed fair but guarded.  Many Arizona businesses rely on illegals such as the business that this mother was working for when sheriff Joe Arpaio raided the place and arrested illegals for lack of proper papers.  This is apparently the conviction that placed this mother on the deportation list of dangerous illegals.  If that really is the case, all illegals are dangerous. 

She came to the United States when she was 14 years old and has since married and has two kids.  The son that was interviewed on TV seemed to be an older teenager.

I have mixed feelings about this subject.  On the one hand she broke the law by entering the US improperly.  On the other hand I am sympathetic with not wanting to break up a family.  I don’t know how old the other child is so I don’t know how terrible it is in this case.  But there are cases where this is a serious humanitarian problem.

I’ll continue to muse on this problem and hope that our new leader sorts it out fairly.


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