Good Things

You can be anything you put your mind to.

Like yourself and you will be liked.

To get ahead in business, you need to be agressive.

Everyone likes a confident person.

Money does not buy happiness.

We all are taught these things in one form or another. But some may have forgotten another truth – moderation in all things.

Over my almost four score years, I have met many people who exhibit all of the wonderful traits we admire only to come across as someone we don’t like. The problem usually turns out to be too much of one or more of those traits that are supposed to be good.

Too much confidence. Too much agression. Too much self like. Too much money. Well, maybe not TOO much money but the flaunting of too much money.

President Trump was elected by people who wanted change from the status quo. He was confident he could deliver that change and maybe he will.

After the initial flurry of Presidential actions, much of the real change will require cooperation from the congress. Much of the same electorate that elected Trump also elected a status quo republican congress who generally dislike President Trump. They are likely to dislike him more by the time he really needs them – too much of the traits that should be admired.

I’m afraid if one looks carefully at President Trump’s personal characteristics, one will find hints of themselves in one way or another. Those things might be admired in moderation.

Excess in anything is a bad thing.


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