A restaurant patron expects good service.  Tipping was originally  to reward a server for extraordinary service.  Many patrons today tip every time for fear that they will otherwise receive bad service the next time.  In other words a bribe to get good service.  I would think that bad service would not be tolerated by the manager for any reason.  So that argument for the issuing of a tip is not very strong.

Another argument for always tipping is that the poor servers don’t  earn enough in wages to live on.  How do we know that?  If that is true, why should the patron pay the additional wage?   Employers are supposed to pay their employee’s wages.
Restaurant managers have said that tipping allows them to pay lower wages and therefore be more competitive.   That argument is very limited if every restaurant had to pay similar wages to servers.  
Some servers claim to make more in tips than wages.  Is it possible that those tips are for extraordinary service?  In which case the tips would continue to flow in regardless of wage.  
Corporate executives also receive tips in the form of a bonus for a job perceived as well done such as keeping expenses low.
Why is it that the ‘proper’ amount to tip a restaurant server keeps rising.  Since recommended tip amounts are percentages of the total bill, the actual amount goes up automatically with inflation.   So an increase in percentage is an increase exceeding inflation.  Could this be to allow the server’s wages to stagnate?  I can imagine a manager telling a new server not to worry about the low wages because the 25% tips will make up for it.  From that day forward, that server will bitch every time there is no tip from a patron.  I am told that a Mexican official who does not receive the proper bribe will not let you out of jail.  I don’t know what recourse the pissed off server has.  I hope it doesn’t effect my health. 
It’s interesting to note that discussions about minimum wages always includes tips.  And yet the fast food industry possibly has the greatest number of entry level employees and no one expects to tip there.
Our elected officials are suposed to represent all of us but we know that those who contribute to campaigns receive priority treatment.   We also know that there are officials who perform special services expecting an extra ‘fee’.  These are called bribes and are illegal.  When we tip servers, who are supposed to serve patrons equally, in the hopes of receiving priority service, we are bribing them.
What is the line between acceptable bribing and unacceptable bribing?
Why is bribing or tipping an excuse for paying a low wage?  Or is it low wages that foster tips and bribes?
If tips are the norm, aren’t they part of a server’s wage?  What other industry can get by with paying a variable wage?  And yet restaurant servers are expected to accept income that depends on how pretty, friendly, or risque they are.  Is that good or bad?


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