Watch List Comment

I’ve added Kamala Harris to my 2020 watch list.  We’ll see how long she lasts on my list.

Ben Sasse didn’t last very long on my follow list.

As you can see, I am a moderate and don’t vote strictly party lines although I’ve been a republican all my life just like my dad.

Since both major parties have become so dogmatic, I now resist claiming to be either a Republican or Democrat.  I guess that means I’m now an independent.

In any case, I’m thinking there’s a good possibility that we will have fresh canidates for president from both major parties in 2020.  That’s considering that Pence as incumbent is considered fresh and is actually nominated.  His nomination would be a serious mistake for the Republicans but that seems to be normal now.

That’s why I’m starting to look at potential candidates thinking that Biden might not run or needs a running mate.


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